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The Next Generation of AE Data Analysis Software



Noesis is a data visualization (e.g. through many types of plots) and handling (e.g. select, delete, filter) software developed by Envirocoustics SA. In addition, Noesis is available for data classification and processing during acquisition (real-time) (see Live-SPR). The software allows the user to load AE (and other) data for manipulation (e.g. viewing, filtering, structure investigation). The level of processing available in post-acquisition analysis is now available during acquisition.


Noesis offers unique advantages when analyzing AE data as it has been specifically designed for this purpose. It really takes AE data analysis to a new level.


In addition to the very advanced viewing and manipulation features, Noesis offers Pattern Recognition. Pattern recognition (both Unsupervised and Supervised) provide very powerful data discrimination algorithms (effectively separating similar data into groups).


The software also incorporates waveform handling (FFT, Power Spectrum, Feature Extraction etc) and a pliad of other features. To find out more see the Noesis Detailed Information (html format) or read the related documents in the Noesis Overview, Software Description and other Information section.


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