No need for converters for your DTA files.
Noesis has native support for Physical Acoustics Corp. DTA, TDA and WFS files.

The ultimate tool for the analysis, filtering and classification of AE hits and waveforms acquired with PCI-2, DiSP, PCI-8, MISTRAS, and older systems (LOCAN, SPARTAN, LAM).


What’s new in Noesis v5.0:


Major Changes

1) New Pages function with auto/manual graph arrange functions.

2) Live-SPR with WFS files (real time extraction from Noesis) with all graphs, tools etc.

3) Arbitrary Waveform data import (ASCII file).

4) Extraction of multiple hits from saved waveforms (DTA, WFS, TDA). Post-processing acquisition.

5) Waveform Filters (Butterworth, Bessel etc) in plots, Feature Extraction, and export data.

6) Windowing (Triangle, Hamming etc)

7) Faster drawing for graphs and waveforms.

8) Better memory usage to enhance manipulation of large files (Working Copy on demand).

9) Save DTA files from WFS, TDA, even from ASCII Waveforms.

10) Export graphs, single page or all pages to image files.

11) Page Headers for image export reporting and traceability.

12) Complete menu re-design to improve usability.

13) Event Select mouse mode. If selecting any hit all hits that belong to the same event are selected.


Minor Changes

1) Improved status bar info.

2) F7 and F8 for Previous-Next page viewing.

3) Remove not needed dialogs and functions to improve speed and usability.

4) Copy Bin Values from binned plots.

5) Log scale for binned plot axes.



Download Information About Noesis in PDF Format