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Noesis Data Viewing Capabilities

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Acoustic Emission users are used to performing a large part of their analysis based on graphs. Noesis provides them now with the tools to make this analysis faster, easier and more effective as it implements capabilities which drastically improve the users insight to the data. Some of the graph capabilities are specific to acoustic emission data (e.g. Time Driven Data) but most of them apply to ASCII files as well. Screen configurations can also be saved in a separate document which can then be used with any data file(s). The following is a small list of the large array of Noesis data viewing capabilities (for waveform viewing capabilities see the Waveforms & DSP page):

Page setup dialog. After setting up the basic layout the user can use the mouse to merge views in order to achieve custom layouts without complicated tools.

Screens like this are easily arranged without having to move floating windows about or stretch them to fit. Everything is done automatically to get a page layout that fits the screen size available.

  • Noesis supports scatter, line, bar, cumulative plots as well as tabular active views of any data set. Plots including density coloring (amount of data in certain areas of the plot) and various bin modes for binned plots (e.g. max, ave, sum etc) are available.

  • All plots are fully customizable with minimum effort through advanced properties dialogs.

  • The Data View (table with the data) can be fully customized resulting in the most flexible numerical presentation of the data.

  • The Custom Page Interface function allows the user to create pages and choose their layout effortlessly making working with Noesis easy and productive. All page customization is done through a dedicated Properties dialog and the workspace saved in a NWL file.
  • Noesis graphics allow all changes to reflect on all plots immediately (e.g. data selection).

  • Any number of windows (containing up-to 4 views each) can be displayed, limited only by the display capabilities of the hardware.

  • Zoom using On-Plot mouse selection or manual range setting.
  • Plot Panning so that data can be investigated in detail without unnecessary zoom-in, zoom-out functions.
  • Reverting to complex graph setups is made simple through the Noesis Workspace Layout file save/load capability.
  • Simple copy/paste plot properties and pages function generates duplicate plots with great ease.
  • Data can be viewed in normal space, logarithmic or in maximum separation space (see Data Handling).
  • Special functions for Event graphs, including hit sequence and group selection (applied to any plot) and area plots (X-Y-Z) for location results presentation.

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