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Advanced Data Analysis

Pattern Recognition & Neural Networks Software

for Acoustic Emission Applications








The Next Generation of AE Data Analysis Software



General Specifications

Read about Noesis' requirements, features etc


An overview of the software functions with explanations about data analysis in Noesis

Data Handling

Noesis supports data selections, filtering...

Native PAC DTA, TDA and WFS file support with superior data handling capabilities


Multiple views, plots, with almost unlimited options


Powerful data discrimination tools (UPR, SPR, neural nets)

Data Viewing

Scatter, bar, cumulative and many more plots and options are available...

Data Statistics

Min, Max, Mean, Kurtosis, Skewness...

Waveforms & DSP

In Noesis waveform can really be used, not just viewed...

Source Location

Event Logic and Source Location can be used...

Unsupervised Pattern Recognition is fully implemented in Noesis with multiple algorithms...

Supervised Pattern
is the powerful
tool in data discrimination...

Live - SPR

Real-time data classification and processing in Noesis...

Noesis Editions & Purchase Info.

Read about the available options etc when purchasing Noesis.

Noesis versions feature comparison.

Upgrading benefits...


Download Information About Noesis in PDF Format