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Noesis Live-SPR

  Complex Filters Dialog for advanced filtering of Acoustic Emission or arbitrary data.

  • Noesis Enterprise includes functions that allow the user to classify and manipulate data (from DTA and WFS files) during acquisition. This group of functions is referred to as Live-SPR to emphasize the real-time data classification based on trained Supervised Pattern Recognition.
  • The data are loaded in a Live-SPR document as a usage set. The user can specify the classification time interval and other parameters. In addition the user has full control over pages, graphs, selection actions etc as if working with data in post-processing.
  • For WFS files Noesis will load extract features classify and display data and waveforms almost real time.
  • Additional to these are the Periodic Statistics functions. These include various computations and graphs that follow cluster evolution based on use settings and selected features. Thus, the user can trace cluster development and other parameters.
  • The Periodic Statistics functions are also available during post-processing. They treat the data in time and compute various parameters to show how the data developed during acquisition.