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Noesis General Specs & Info

Acoustic Emission Data Analysis Done Using Noesis World-Wide

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Noesis is a data handling software with very advanced Pattern Recognition functions and extensive viewing, filtering and handling capabilities. It is designed for use with Acoustic Emission data (features) and waveforms and it includes a large array of functions and commands allowing users to manipulate data in any manner. It also supports (via special modules) arbitrary data and waveforms in the form of ASCII text files. Select the individual topics on Noesis main page to read details about the capabilities of the software. The following paragraph includes some basic information about the software:

  • Windows 9x, 2000 and XP compatible

  • Custom Page Interface. A unique way of interfacing with the software and creating graphs and page layouts.

  • Noesis supports all  PAC (DTA, TDA, WFS) AE data files (SPARTAN, MISTRAS, DiSP, PCI-2  with DOS or AEwin™ software) and ASCII (TXT, DAT) files including ASCII Waveform files  (subject to Edition). Fast load techniques make large AE files easy to use.

  • Filter data and save results back to PAC (DTA, TDA, WFS) file format.

  • Create classes and save results back to PAC (DTA, TDA, WFS) file format.

  • The user has full control and multiple options when exporting data to DTA format via the Save Data wizard-type dialog

  • The Noesis Document format for handling and storing files provides the user with a compact and complete way to store all information, from data to Supervised training strategies.

  • Image and data copy/paste functions for document creation integration with other Windows applications aiding report generation.

  • Noesis utilizes Windows features and conventions including Wizards for navigating through menus, selecting properties etc.