ENVIROCOUSTICS S.A. is an engineering company dedicated to the promotion of environmental protection, industrial safety and quality improvement, by means of advanced NDT and predictive maintenance services. Envirocoustics offers complete engineering solutions, through integrated NDT (Acoustic Emission, Ultrasonics etc.), to a broad range of industries and institutions.

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Scope of Activities

  • Performing Acoustic Emission (AE) and Ultrasonic (UT) Field Inspection and Consulting Services for the Petrochemical, Power generation, Aerospace and Infrastructure Industries for materials testing, structural integrity assessment, and environmental safety concerns.

  • Designing, manufacturing and selling of state-of-the-art NDT Software for advanced Acoustic Emission data analysis and interpretation.

  • Conducting research towards the design, manufacturing and selling of Acoustic Emission sensors, Acoustic Emission, Ultrasonic and Eddy Current Instruments and table-top devices.

  • Participating in R&D Projects for the development of NDT applications and procedures in new areas, promoting safety and quality.

  • Selling of state-of-the-art Acoustic Emission, Ultrasonics, Eddy Current, Resistivity and other NDT products.

  • The establishment of commercial cooperation and representation of firms conducting similar or related activities in our target market.

Areas of Specialization