Ultrasonic C-Scan / Imaging Systems




Automated Ultrasonics Immersion SystemULTRAPAC offers an unmatched range of Ultrasonic imaging capabilities and allows acquisition and analysis by means of Pulse-Echo and Through Transmission techniques. The easily maintained PC-based system allows acquisition and analysis for comprehensive quantitative data which are mapped by A-Scan, B-Scan, C-Scan, as well as D-Scan (3-D images).



  • System controller (PC IBM compatible).

  • PAC-IPR-100 or PAC-IPR-90 Pulser/Receiver Card.

  • PAC-AD-500 or PAC-AD-90 Analog to Digital Converter Board.

  • PAC-SMC4 stepper motor controller card.

  • Immersion Tank and Motor Control System (optional turntable support) and/or Portable Hand Scanner.

  • Scanning and imaging software.


  • Detection and sizing of flaws in a variety of materials (metallic, composites, ceramics).

  • Welding inspection.

  • Detection of delaminations in composites.

  • Mapping of corroded areas.

  • Process monitoring.

  • Thickness measurement.

  • Evaluation of materials properties.

  • Quality control & quality assurance.



Advanced Ultrasonics SoftwareTrue WindowsTM data acquisition and imaging software. User friendly with features such as A/B/C-Scans in real time and powerful post processing modes like Zoom, Size and Pan. Advanced capabilities include multiple gates, spectrum analysis (FFT) and polar plotting turntable support.


Optional Features :

  • Transducer Characterization (TCP) Clustering

  • Bond analysis

  • RF wave form storage

  • DLL libraries for software applications