Industrial Services by EnvirocousticsEnvirocoustics SA provides high quality, unique NDT services to industries in Greece, the Balkans, Middle East and East Europe.

Our services cover a large array of world-established and proven applications. Envirocoustics also performs feasibility studies for specialized applications to meet the customer's needs.

Below, is a detailed list of NDT services provided by Envirocoustics with relative links to detailed description of each application:


Acoustic Emission NDT Services


Metallic Pressure Vessel and Storage Tank Structural Integrity (MONPAC, ASME-V art.12)

Structural Integrity Acoustic Emission testing according to ASME-V art.12 and the MONPAC procedure has been developed and proven on hundreds of vessels around the world. It covers 100% testing of metallic pressure vessels (spheres, bullets, towers etc.) and storage tanks (ammonia etc.). The methods provides classification of possible defects and can be applied both during Hydrotest and in-service with product.


Acoustic Emission Sensor on a Metallic VesselStorage Tank Floor Condition Monitoring (TANKPAC)

TANKPAC is a proprietary Acoustic Emission method for evaluating the condition of storage tank floors without emptying the tank (tanks are tested in-situ with product). The method provides a classification of floor level of corrosion damage.


Leak Detection

Product leakage is "money leakage". Petrochemical and other industries have used this simple acoustic emission technique to find leaking valves and compute the amount of fluid leakage, leading to direct money savings, inspect pipelines and tanks during operating conditions, even of difficult-to-reach areas.


Cryogenic Tank Testing

Large cryogenic tanks can contain high risk products such as ammonia, butane and propane. High frequency AE sensors are attached at typically a 6-meter spacing over the entire test area. Where the vessel is insulated with very thick insulation, the sensors are often mounted permanently underneath the insulation and cabled back to a connection point, so that repeat installation costs are not incurred.


Cool Down Testing

Cool Down Testing is an alternative to on-line Acoustic Emission (AE) testing for hot reactors, towers, columns and associated hot circuit piping systems. Cool down tests always generate high loading in the longitudinal direction of a pipe or vessel. This presents an ideal scenario for detecting hoop-oriented defects.


Large Transformer Testing (Partial Discharge)

Partial Discharge is the source of many large grid transformer problems. Acoustic Emission can monitor and locate the occurrence of PD by in-situ monitoring the transformer, and evaluate the level.


Aerial Manlift Devices

Structural Integrity of Aerial Manlift devices is evaluated by a fast 100% coverage acoustic emission test. Safe operation is crucial to these devices and their structural integrity is often compromised and needs to be assessed due to improper use.Envirocoustics offers complete industrial NDT services


Testing Composite Tanks with AE



Ultrasonic NDT Services


Tank and Vessel Automated Corrosion Mapping

Automated scanning UT systems (crawlers) are used to rapidly map the surface of vessels for corrosion effects. The level of detail and speed can be very high providing a corrosion image of the vessel.


Tube Automated Corrosion Mapping

Boiler, Heat Exchanger etc. tubing are often subject to extreme conditions and their safe operation is crucial in many respects. Specialized ultrasonic (UT) scanning systems scan the inner surface of tubes in a rapid and accurate manner providing important corrosion mapping with high detail.


Automated UT Weld Inspection

Automated (crawler) UT weld inspection for vessels is performed with small measurement intervals for a high analysis inspection of welds.


Guided Ultrasonic Waves (GUL)

Guided Ultrasonic waves provide a new solution for pipe inspection. The inspection is a very fast pipe screening technique which provides information about cross section area change in the pipe together with precise information a to where along the pipe this change occurs.


Ultrasonic TOFD Weld Inspection

In the recent past, an effort has begun for applying automated and semi-automated ultrasound inspection on welds, aiming at a more rapid control, repeatability and permanent recording of the inspection (as with radiography). With this context the TOFD technique was developed.


Ultrasonic (UT) Thickness Measurements

Envirocoustics offers high level thickness measurement services on pipes, pressure vessels, boilers, tanks etc, by its experienced and certified inspectors.


Manual Ultrasonic (UT) Weld Inspection

The applied technique consists of scanning the weld mass and the Heat Affected Zone (HAZ) with ultrasonic beams emitted by angle probe that is moved manually along the lateral region of the weld.


Other NDT Services


Rapid Tube Inspection using Eddy Current (ET) or Remote Field (RFT) methods

Rapid Non Destructive (NDT) inspection of tubes can be performed using Eddy Current (ET) or Remote Field (RFT) methods applicable to a variety of tubing applications such as heat exchangers, furnaces etc in various types of industries.


Fitness for Service Studies


Combining NDI (Non Destructive Inspection) data with analytical and numerical techniques (finite elements) for the assessment of the condition of equipment such as vessels, towers etc. as compared to operating requirements.