The activity of ENVIROCOUSTICS ABEE includes:

1.  Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) at company’s laboratory or at customers site (Field Tests).

2.  Representation of NDT companies and Scientific NDT equipment sales.

3.  Advisory services, training, research and development on technical diagnostics, Non Destructive Testing and assessment of structural integrity of structures.

4.  Design and development of NDT and technical measurements software.

5.  Maintenance and calibration services of scientific NDT equipment.

6.  Design and manufacturing of NDT sensors, equipment and peripherals.


Basic principle and engagement of ENVIROCOUSTICS, but also the philosophy of each executive, is to provide to its customers advanced technology and high quality services and products, that correspond completely to the customers’ technical requirements, with respect for the environment, in compliance with the specifications promised by the company as well as to the relative legislative, administrative and standardization requirements, in order to achieve its economic growth.


In order to achieve the above, ENVIROCOUSTICS ABEE follows a Quality Management System according to the International Standards ISO 9001:2000 and ISO 17025:2005. Adopting the principle of continuous improvement, the company recognizes and rewards team work, as well as the individual effort, invests in human capital and respects the customer, placing the safety of its customers and employees above all. The company’s employees are of high scientific training and experience, while the company invests in their continuous training and education so that they always promote Quality in their activities.


In addition to that, the company:

  • Provides the essential resources for unhindered, efficient and effective company operation.

  • Ensures the independence, reliability and integrity of each laboratory test performed.

  • Applies inspection and testing procedures according to international standards which are documented methods from certified specialists and internal regulations.

  • Ensures the precision and repeatability of the testing results and determines the uncertainty of measurements, where required.

  • Ensures the availability of personnel with proved knowledge and experience in each testing process.

  • Ensures the independence, the integrity and the confidentiality of the personnel, as well as the security of the customers’ data.

  • Continuously improves the know-how and the technical procedures of the company.

  • Places measurable objective targets for the quality, in functional laboratory and/or process level. These targets are established and evaluated for the degree of their achievement within the framework of the Quality Management System review from the company’s Management.

  • Continuously reviews and improves the performance and the effectiveness of the company’s activities and of the entire Quality Management System.

  • It seriously takes into account the customer’s opinion, their complaints and their satisfaction.