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September 12-15, 2012


Announcement of the 30th European Conference on Acoustic Emission Testing and the 7th International Conference on Acoustic Emission Testing. It will be held in Granada, Spain, September 12-15, 2012



February 8, 2010


Announcement of the 29th European Conference on Acoustic Emission Testing. It will be held in Wien, Austria, September 8-10, 2010.




February 8, 2010


Announcement of the 20th Inernational Acoustic Emission Symposium. It will be held in Kumamoto, Japan, November 16-19, 2010.




May 2nd, 2007


New penetrant pens for liquid penetrant inspection by Magnaflux.

For small areas or parts, and for reworked inspection without the

overspray mess from aerosol cans containing penetrant.





November 8th, 2006


New AEwinPost version 2.0 released. Upgrade now from AEwinPost v1.x and take advantage of 50% discount.


Special offer until the end of 2006:
Upgrade from AEwinPost v1.x to:

  • Noesis Light and get 50% discount.

  • Noesis Professional and get 35% discount.

  • Noesis Enterprise and get 35% discount.



August 4th, 2006


Announcement of the 4th International Conference for Emerging Technologies in Non-Destructive Testing (ETNDT4) on 2-4 April 2007, Stuttgart, Germany.

ETNDT4 will focus on all aspects of non-destructive testing and will be an excellent opportunity for interchange of knowledge and experience. In addition, the event will provide the framework for establishment of links and partnership throughout the Technology Transfer, Brokerage & Partnership event.

If you would like to participate in this conference please submit an abstract as soon as possible and note that the deadline for abstract submission is the 1st of September 2006. In case you just want to participate without presenting please complete the pre-registration form on our website (www.etech-ndt.eu.org) and send it to the conference secretariat.



June 28th, 2006


New Noesis version 5.0 released.




June 23rd, 2006


New UTIA version 4.0 released.




February 20th, 2006

Guided Ultrasonic Waves

Pipe inspection in the industry can prove difficult, expensive, time consuming and with limited results using common NDT techniques, such as UT Thickness. Other inspection techniques such as PIG may be impossible to apply for practical reasons, such as geometry.

Guided Ultrasonic waves provide a new solution for pipe inspection. The inspection is a very fast pipe screening technique which provides information about cross section area change in the pipe together with precise information a to where along the pipe this change occurs.




November 10th, 2005


Introduction of "Staveley NDT Technologies" products. Staveley, a member of the Olympus NDT has well over a half-century of combined NDT experience through the individual companies that have become part of it. The Nortec eddy current product brand was established in 1966 and the ultrasonic product brand Sonic was added in 1983.



October 7th, 2005


New hand-held Acoustic Emission System by PAC: The Pocket AE-1 Acoustic Emission (AE) system is a computerized hand-held instrument for AE testing and leak detection applications. Due to its portable nature and full AE features and functions capabilities, this system can be used in any remote, short term AE application and evaluation, making it an ideal NDT test tool. It performs traditional AE feature extraction based AE signal processing, as well as advanced waveform based acquisition and processing. Text and graphic results are displayed on the Quarter-VGA (240 wide x 320 high pixels) sized color LCD screen. AE data files are saved in traditional PAC, DTA files and are transferable to a desktop or notebook computer via compact flash cards and/or the USB bus, for full data analysis using PACís AEwinTM software.




July 13th 2005


Introduction of the Panametrics-NDT Models 35, 35HP, 35DL, and 35DLHP Ultrasonic Precision Thickness Gages. These versatile handheld models make accurate and repeatable thickness measurements on parts where access to the opposite surface is difficult or impossible. They can also calculate and display Material Sound Velocity or Time-of-Flight to determine material characteristics. Measurements are instantly displayed as large numerals on the backlit display.




May 16th 2005


Envirocoustics is the exclusive representative for Greece and Cyprus of Panametrics-NDT, R-D Tech and NDT Engineering Corporation, providing the Greek and Cypriot market with NDT products, as corrosion thickness gages, precision thickness gages, flaw detectors, portable modular NDT instruments, tube inspection instruments, multi-technology instruments for corrosion and weld inspection, automated phased array solutions, acquisition units for inline solutions, pulser-receivers, UT array transducers, EC array probes, ultrasonic transducers, probes for tube inspection, probes and transducers for aircraft inspection, etc.




December 8th 2004


Envirocoustics' Quality Management System Certification for:

  • Software Development for NDT Purposes.

  • Trading of NDT Equipment including Servicing and Calibrations.

  • Acoustic Emission and Automated Ultrasonic Thickness Gauging Measurements.

  • Research and Development for NDT and Condition Monitoring.