version 2.0


AEwinPost is a software for post-processing Acoustic Emission Data. The software provides all the necessary tools for data manipulation and filtering. Utilizing various features that make it easy to understand and use, AEwinPost is fully compatible with all of PACs existing standard (DTA / TDA / WFS) data files, allowing even the replay of 1985 data in today's Windows environment.


AEwinPost allows data preview using graphs, plots and tabular views. The data can be sorted, filtered, etc. through user-selected actions or user-defined advanced filters. Waveform viewing and feature extraction, first hit extraction and many more complete the features are also available in AEwinPost. The treated data can be exported to a new DTA / TDA / WFS file and used in other software (e.g. Noesis, AEwin etc). AEwinPost offers multiple on-screen plots to filter data while viewing and analyzing the results. Data file merging is made easy through intuitive dialogs.



  • Operates under WINDOWS 98/ME/XP/2000

  • The application is an optional utility to AEwin and is activated from within the main application window.

  • Supports PAC (DTA / TDA / WFS) AE data files.

  • More than one data files can be opened for merging.

  • Graphs and data can be copied and used in other windows applications.

AEwinPost combines Data (hit) graphs, Waveform plots, and Tables (hit detail listings) for smart, quick and user friendly filtering.


Data Filtering

  • Graphical filtering in each available graph.

  • Mouse select-delete actions for manual filtering. Easy to use as any select action in Windows software.

  • Data Filters for advanced user defined filtering. This feature allows the user to build complex filters and apply them to the data. The output can be a selection so that the filtering results can be reviewed before any data are deleted.

  • First Hit extraction based on user-defined settings.

  • Data file merging in time. This feature offers a number of ways to combine two or more data files in time via an easy to use dialog.

  • Data from specific channels can be removed by a mouse click.

  • Data can be time ordered for feature extraction from TDA files.

  • Export the filtered, sorted etc data to a new DTA or TDA file for use in other software (Noesis, SP2-LOC etc).


 Graphs and Data Viewing

  • AEwinPost allows the user to review the data when performing filtering actions. Point, bar and cumulative plots are available to assist the user to correctly and easily filter the data.

  • Graphs can be zoomed and panned for detailed data viewing.

  • Tabular views of the data are also available to review each hit in detail.

  • Waveform views can be used when the data contain waveforms. Waveform zooming actions are available along with FFT magnitude.

  • Many options are available to customize graphs.

  • Graphical filters can be set-up for each graph individually.

  • Hit details can be viewed in tables where they can selected.




AEwinPost is the ideal tool for AE data filtering and post analysis and may also be used in conjunction with Noesis (Advanced Data Analysis, Pattern Recognition & Neural Networks Software) for further analysis and classification of AE data.


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